Satanya Palmer-Lodge, is a Florida Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator with 20 plus years in the mortgage industry. The wealth of knowledge that she has amassed over this time period is unmeasurable. Yet her calming tones, and the ability to see the positive in any scenario allows her clients to feel at ease while navigating the mortgage process. An out of the box thinker, she has earned a stellar reputation not only with her clients, but with industry affiliates. Her commitment to delivering “Supreme” service at every level, whether it’s to a client, an insurance broker or a realtor, Tanya’s motto is to give everyone VIP service.

As the President of SentriPoint Lending Solutions, Inc Tanya’s knowledge and experience is the cornerstone of the company. With a “servant-leadership” mentality, she keeps abreast of the latest trends in the industry so she can continuously build our team and impart knowledge to them on a daily basis.

Tanya enjoys attending her son’s soccer games, spending time with her daughter, watching movies, traveling and being a foodie.

Satanya Palmer-Lodge

NMLS #1334745

Phone: (954) 890-4320

Email: Tanya@SentriPointLending.com